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Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”  --Vince Lombardi


Why We Started

Gotcha Covered HR was built upon a concept of community. Founded by two women who were labor and employment lawyers, the genesis of GCHR was to provide a resource to the business community of New Orleans for cost-effective professional HR support. Recognizing that poor HR decisions can be costly and often destructive, the founders’ motivation was to empower local businesses to address potential sources of conflict in the conference room, instead of in the court room.

Our Philosophy

GCHR’s philosophy continues to be that a business can create a positive impact upon the entire community simply by fostering a positive work climate, where all employees are treated with respect and dignity, where employees’ creativity and productivity are recognized as a valuable contribution to the organization.

What Drives Us

From its inception, GCHR’s leadership has been involved in numerous initiatives that provide growth opportunities for individuals and business organizations. From small business incubators to women- and minority-led advocacy groups, GCHR has been visible and vocal in its support of the entrepreneurial spirit that drives a dynamic business climate.

Gotcha Covered HR Patti Pannell

Our CEO, Patricia Pannell, frequently partners with local chambers of commerce, trade associations, and other business development groups to present topical and informative presentations on HR best practices. “I am passionate about giving back to my community,” says Pannell. “It’s all about celebrating the ‘gumbo pot’ that makes this City such a unique and wonderful place to live and work.”

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