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Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Minson, MBA

Matt has been practicing HR Management for nearly twenty years.  As an HR consultant his experience spans multiple industries ranging from government to construction to nonprofit.  Prior to consulting, Matt served for seven years as senior advisor and member of the executive team for the Comptroller of Maryland. Before his government service Matt worked as a Director of Human Resource for a 500+ employee, multi-state accounts receivable management firm. Throughout those twelve years of human resource experience as a recruitment and training manager and director of human resources Matt took great pride in working with ownership, management, and employees to develop strategies that align organizational objectives with practical operational efficiency.  In totality, these diverse, cross sector, cross industry experiences have truly helped Matt grow and develop professionally and as a leader.  


With a Master’s of Business Administration degree in Human Resource Management, experience as an adjunct professor of human resource management at Coppin University and unique professional experiences, Matt acquired a plethora of skills that fit neatly with the long-term strategy of Gotcha Covered HR. Matt likes to spend his spare time cooking and being around family and friends. 

Gotcha Covered HR Matthew Minson, MBA

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